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Major hidden charges and false advertising.

Terms and conditions clearly state that product can be returned within 30 days and purchaser would only be billed shipping & handling.They Lied.

They refused to refund my money and accept returned product even though it was never opened and I wanted to return it the same day I received it (because of additional charges). I have never been treated so badly by any company. They we condescending and totally uncaring.

And when I got upset they threating to hang up on me.I am going to visit Better Business Bureau on Monday morning.



I just had exactly same experience as yours.This morning I called CS, their response was same.

I thought it just happened because of my mistake, but it didn't. How can this same happening to otheres. I don't thing I misclicked.I searched internet regarding this issue, and I found one customer's refund history after threatening them to report fraud activity to VISA. However, I'm not that brave and fluent English speaker.

I don't know what to do.

Thank you for your posting.At least it will be good negative feedback for this company to future consumers.



This company intentionally mislead me and refuses to cooperate to attain resolution of my complaint relative to a gross overcharge made to my VISA.They also refuse to provide me with information for returning their product.

I have conducted numerous internet searches and find that this company has hundreds of complaints from consumers for their misleading website process as well as their overcharging of consumer credit cards. The company\'s website specifies a free product with shipping as the only consumer cost. A total of $1.95 for shipping was to have been the maximum charged to my VISA card. However, not only did they charge an additional $99.96 for the product, but also placed additional separate charges on my card for International Fees, and other processing fees.

Seven separate charges were made to my card. In addition, after I canceled my subscription (whatever that is), I was charged a cancellation fee, plus another International Fee attached to the cancellation fee! Thus far, for a product that I was supposed to get for $1.95, charges totaling $109.48 have been made to my card. Needless to say, I have disputed all charges in excess of the $1.95.

In terms of their offer of a rebate: as the consumer completes the order process for the product, one is misled into believing that this is an instant rebate, including receiving an email receipt which subtracts the $99.96 from the total due.

Should the consumer then...

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